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cml09Welcome to the shop of yet another East Coast journalist with many interests and a few obsessions.

Note: if you came here looking for the Chris Lombardi who runs a record company, wrestles in spandex, or wields a paintbrush or a tattoo needle, hit the back button on your browser.  Otherwise:

In all my reporting and writing, I’m most interested in how ordinary people interact with the decisions of those in power– whether in the Bronx, Fort Benning, or Cambodia. Of course, as we all discover quickly, there are no truly ordinary people. If you’d like to work with me, please be in touch. Follow me
on Twitter, if you like. Or check out first my other online homes below:
I Ain’t Marching Anymore, From George Washington to Bradley Manning: musings, new items and resources for my book, upcoming in Fall 2012 from University of California Press;

New in Philadelphia, an irregularly-updated blog about  a town I always had a crush on, and moved to last year;

Women’s Voices for Change, where I’m currently an editor.

As for this place’s name, it’s from that essential piece of journalism The Dream Songs.

I am, outside. Incredible panic rules.
People are blowing and beating each other without mercy.
Drinks are boiling. Iced
drinks are boiling. The worse anyone feels, the worse
treated he is. Fools elect fools.
A harmless man at an intersection said, under his breath, “Christ!”


One response to “Chris Lombardi

  1. I got your name and info about your project from a mutual friend. I have been working entitled, CALLED TO SERVE: TESTIMONIES OF THE MEN AND WOMEN CONFRONTED BY THE VIETNAM DRAFT. Within the book is a lengthy chapter that explores the history of the draft and conscientious objection as well as over 25 interviews with men who faced the draft and responded in a wide variety of ways and with women who loved, supported and counseled them. I would be very open to having an e-mail conversation if you think it might be worthwhile. In the meantime I applaud your efforts and hope they come to fruition. I continue to be challenged to get my now completed manuscript published…